LIDKundeLösungsnameLösungsbeschreibungLösungstypInstallationsdatumAnzahl AnwenderKunde AnsprechpartnerEigener AnsprechpartnerInternetlinkWert der LösungLetzte Änderung
1BlaBlaCarAnaplan FinancialAnaplan has given them the ability to create super-detailed forecasting and translate business simulations into actual financials, as well as how the Anaplan platform allows finance, business intelligence, marketing, and country teams to work together in an agile collaborative fashion.Finanzplanung
2Rotterdam World Gateway (RWG)Anaplan bei RWGBudgetierung und FinanzplanungBudgetierung und Finanzplanung11.02.2018
3RSAAnaplan RSAUse cases • Planning and budgeting • Workforce planning • Zero-based budgeting • Activity-based costing • Tax modeling
4United AirlinesUnited Airlines FinanceUnited Airlines discovers true multidimensional planning with the Anaplan platform United Airlines eliminates hundreds of spreadsheets with AnaplanFinance
5Box Inc.Anaplan BoxBox exited an Excel-based approach and has driven collaboration and visibility in its financial forecasting and planning processes with Anaplan.Financial Forecasting, Planning
6Starwood Waypoint HomesStarwoodAnaplan was, across the board, the best solution for us in terms of data structuring, the ability to manipulate, its multidimensionality—everyone uses multidimensionality, but I think Anaplan is above and beyond their competitors. A big thing for me personally was their customer service upfront with the proof of concept, and we felt that that was a good leading indicator of the type of customer service we would get once we contracted with Anaplan.
7BarclaycardBarclaycardImproving the accuracy of its customer demand forecasting has driven efficiencies in Barclaycard’s call center while providing a better overall customer experience.Workforce planning
8Del MonteAnaplan DelMonteWith a single flexible and agile planning platform, Del Monte was able to integrate finance and supply chain planning processes, allowing its finance teams to accurately evaluate product costs and complete profitability analysis. The integration also empowered Del Monte to anticipate, predict, and accommodate market changes in real time. For example, because of El Nino, Del Monte struggled to prioritize product allocation. But now with Anaplan, they can run real-time scenarios and see what areasSupply Chain, Finance
9Tableau Inc.Tableau AnaplanHow Tableau was able to eliminate hundreds of spreadsheets and deliver efficient sales planning with Anaplan.
10LexmarkLexmark AnaplanHow Lexmark transformed territory management and demand forecasting–moving from spreadsheets to simplicityTerritory Management
11Brussels AirlinesBrussels Airlines AnaplanHow Brussels Airlines’ implementation of Anaplan has revolutionized the way the business forecasts and plans, by creating a faster, more comprehensive, and user-friendly financial process.Financial Forecasting, Planning
12Hewlett-PackardHP AnaplanHewlett-Packard transforms sales territory and quota planning across the globe with AnaplanTerritory & Quota Planning
13MotorolaMotorola AnaplanHow Motorola achieved accurate sales and revenue forecasting—despite its complex sales structure—using Anaplan.sales and revenue forecasting
14Intel Security GroupIntel AnaplanIntel Security transforms its quota management and sales compensation management with Anaplan in the cloudQuota Management, Sales Compensation Management2000